Dr Zimar Sivardeen

Zimar is an eyecare specialist with a strong clinical and research background who has devoted 25 years to optometry.

On completion of the MBA and Doctorate, Zimar accepted the position of Honorary Research Fellow at Aston University, developing novel ideas on multifocal contact lenses and dry eyes. He has further diversified his research to include branding and international marketing. He has authored peer-reviewed articles published in international industry leading journals.

He has been awarded the Fellowships by the British Contact Lens Association, College of Optometrists and European Academy of Optometry and Optics.

As a director of Specsavers Opticians and Chairman of the Local Optical Committee in Kingston, Richmond and Twickenham, he has been instrumental in bringing the multi-disciplines of the healthcare profession together in the local community.

Elected President of the British Sri Lankan Association (BRISLA) since its foundation, Zimar has enhanced and strengthened trade and diplomatic links between the two countries. Through his leadership he has facilitated charitable initiatives making enormous impact on the lives of the British, British Sri Lankans and Sri Lankan citizens at large. As the founder and organiser of the BRISLA Awards 2015 to 2018, he has raised awareness in the general public of the importance and benefits of social integration, creating platforms for dialogue and cooperation between communities.